Solarized Dark theme for Textual

After looking through the available themes for Textual, one of the best IRC clients for Mac OS X, we decided to roll our own Solarized Dark theme by cloning the Sapientia theme packaged with Textual.

Textual is a lightweight IRC client created specifically for Mac OS X. It was designed with simplicity in mind. Textual has taken the best of IRC and built it into a single client. Its easy-to-use functionality combined with scripting support makes it an ideal IRC client for novice to advanced users.


$ cd ~/Library/Containers/com.codeux.irc.textual/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Textual\ IRC/Styles/
$ git clone


Feel free to fork our repository to contribute changes, bug fixes, and features. If you run into any problems with the theme, please create an issue.

Fork textual-solarized-dark on Github

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