Using Backbeam in Titanium™ mobile applications

Backbeam provides a full-stack backend platform with API SDKs for Node.js/JavaScript, iOS, Android, and browsers. Titanium™ Studio by Appcelerator® is a modern IDE for developers to rapidly build, test, package and publish cross platform, native mobile applications. We thought it was about time they met each other.

In order to get started with Backbeam in Titanium™ you need only include the Backbeam JavaScript SDK in your project and you are off to the races.

var backbeam = require('/backbeam/backbeam')

Once included, backbeam can be called just as it would be called in a browser or in node.js.

    project: 'your-project-name', // the subdomain of your project
    shared: 'your-shared-key',
    secret: 'your-secret-secret',
    env: 'dev' // can be 'dev' or 'pro'

Please see the documentation for respective product for more in-depth information.

Titanium™ SDK/Studio Documentation Backbeam JavaScript SDK

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