Foodles Kickstarter Launched

New Kickstarter launched! keeps all your favorite family recipes at your fingertips, no matter where your family meal traditions take you.

Help us Reset The Net on June 5

We can’t stop targeted hacking, but we can stop mass surveillance, by building proven security into the everyday Internet. Join us and others for #ResetTheNet on June 5th where we promote free, open source tools for end-to-end encryption.

Charlotte Meteor Hackathon #1

We will be hacking on an app or service that provides value to Charlotte and the local communities here as a project where we can get to know Meteor in depth from idea to deployment and production environment configuration.

Introducing the Meteor Charlotte meetup group

Earlier this year we at Xorcode started a meetup group for people interested in Meteor in Charlotte, NC. We had a pretty decent turnout the first meeting, with thirteen Meteorites in attendance. We’ve got several more meetings planned along with a hackathon.

Using New Relic’s Node.js agent to monitor Geddy applications

Having used New Relic for other projects we of course jumped on the chance to get started with New Relic for Node.js when our sales contact reached out to us right after their beta ended. We’ve got several projects using Geddy, which is not supported out of the box, so we had to do some customization.

Magento: Generic URL Rewrite Importer

Ever needed to import a large set of generic URL rewrites into Magento? The Generic URL Rewrite Importer for Magento helps you do just that!

Solarized Dark theme for Textual

After looking through the available themes for Textual, one of the best IRC clients for Mac OS X, we decided to roll our own Solarized Dark theme by cloning the Sapientia theme packaged with Textual.

Getting Started with Node.js #2: Using OAuth2 in MEAN applications

Once you have an application based on MEAN you may want to secure the API end-points. At Xorcode we use OAuth2 for securing REST API end-points. OAuth can be cumbersome for web applications, though it is perfect for native desktop and mobile applications.

Supporting Liquid Templates in Wintersmith

We’ve gotten used to Liquid from using Jekyll and Octopress. When we took Wintersmith for a spin we sort of missed Liquid. So we created a template plugin for Liquid that uses the liquid-node module to render Liquid templates.